Having the right tool for the job is always essential, and there is nothing like having the right knife with the perfect edge!  Whether you are in the kitchen or in the field, having the right knife and the right edge will make the job at hand much easier! We've spent decades sharpening and experimenting with different methods of creating the right edge for a given job.  We take pride in the edges we produce. Whether you are going to be slicing paper thin tomatoes with your handmade Japanese Knife, processing that fish with your Filet knife, field dressing big game with your Hunting knife, or putting a beautiful edge on that Pocket or Collectible knife, we strive to make your knife the perfect tool!  We want to help you spend less time getting ready, and more time doing the things you love!  Its our passion and love to take care of cutlery of all types and give you the exact edge you need!   

This is a premium service.  If you are not satisfied, we will refund your money!

Paying Attention to Every Edge


Knives - Under 5 inches = $20.00*

Folding Knife Cleaning = $5.00

Fixed Knives 5-10 Inches = $30.00

Multi Blade Pocket Knives = $20.00 Main Blade + $10.00 each additional blade

Tanto, Recurve, and other specialty blades = contact us

​Major edge re-profiling or repair = add $10.00

*Super Steels (CPM S90V, Elmax, M390, etc...) = +$5.00

Please add $6.00 to all services that require shipping.  Shipping is USPS Priority Mail

When sending in a knife for service, please include contact information and return SHIPPING address.